For TEDx UniSA 2021 we are exploring the notion of ‘reflexivity’. Reflexivity holds various interpretations and meanings across a range of fields. More broadly, we perceive reflexivity as an ongoing process.

Saturday 27 March 2021


TEDx conferences are independently run by “curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community”, and we’re looking to ignite that spark in Adelaide.

The event will be hosted at the UniSA City West campus, with 100 people in attendance, and different elements of access through platforms such as a website, Twitter and Facebook. While the title ‘TEDxUniSA’ has obvious affiliations with the University of South Australia, we believe in our independence and our desire to always push for more. 


Reflexivity is defined as examining one’s own beliefs and how these beliefs play a pivotal part in our everyday decision making. Suffice to say, we all had an unforgettable 2020 that was filled with lots of ups and downs. Amidst the chaos, many of us opted to look inwardly & reflect upon such a tumultuous year; we chose to focus on the positives, learn from our experience, support one another and ultimately look to improve in 2021!

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Whether in relation to research, learning or developing understanding, reflexivity is a process of growing. Through this theme we want to facilitate a better understanding of the self and others in relation to the world around us. 

While an individual has the capacity to examine their own perspectives, motives and responses to their surroundings, a community can reflexively consider their collective responses to a global issue. We are interested in hearing your idea worth spreading that draws on the notion of reflexivity.