Welcome to our Meet the Team page, where you can familiarise yourself with all the team members involved with this year’s TEDx event! Here you’ll be introduced to our Curation, Design, Event Management, Finance, Marketing, Production, Public Relations Liaison, and Volunteer Management teams.

You can read more on the roles here.

*DISCLAIMER: We have omitted some of the team members by request.


Ashjeev Sobrun

Curation Team

We are the Curation Team. Our goal as a team is to decide who will be speaking at the event. We all provide our different perspectives when choosing speakers, and we also play a key role in communicating between the teams.

You can contact us through: curation@tedxunisa.com.

Echo Aiwen Tian

Ishika Mahajan

Tanya Salvi

Thinh Luong


We are the Design Team. Our goal is to provide effective design to communicate our message. We are involved across all teams ranging from branding, marketing and experience design to managing design cohesion.

Christine Tran

Shirlie Tsin

Trang Le

Event Management*

We are the Event Management Team. Our goal is to manage the event’s logistics and the creation of a “TEDx Experience” for the guests. We serve as the means of communication between the venue staff, managing event activities, and ticketing and registration.

Enya Wu


We are the Finance Team. We are in charge of gathering funds from sponsors for event expenses as well as event financial management. We use our fundraising and development knowledge to efficiently manage the event planning process.

Chandira Ganayaka

Linh Phuong Ngo

Jonathon Munson


We are the Marketing Team. Our goal is to create and manage a strong online presence with regards to the event, which includes website content, blog and social media. We are responsible for branding, promoting the event, event experience and post-event engagement. On top of that, we are also responsible for maintaining and updating the website as required.

You can contact us at: MarketingTEDxUniSA@gmail.com

Nancy Pham

Ngoc Quynh Giang Vo

Othello Jether Lagunay


We are the Production Team. We are responsible for leading the production and planning for the event. We oversee the certain aspects of the event like content production, stage management, technology, and video.

Graeme Raftery

Dave Chan

Justin Leow

Victor Luu

Public Relations Liaison*

Linh K. Truong

Volunteer Management

Dhruti Rathod

Jayati Jani