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Your TEDx journey begins here. We bring together the brightest thoughts and ideas from students and from our accomplished speakers on the TEDxUniSA platform. We leverage inspirational talks for the wider community to encourage ideas worth sharing.

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Our TEDxUniSA event features various elements of TEDx talks from our speakers, as well as emergent talent in music, lighting, visuals, technological infrastructure, and a range of awesome activities from professional performers and local students. Get the latest news here.

Meet the Teams

Ever wonder who runs the Production aspect of the talks? Ever wonder who oversees every operation? Ever wonder who belongs in which team? Well, you can finally find out by visiting our Meet the Teams page! There you can finally meet the people behind TEDxUniSA, and understand their responsibilities.

Speaker Applications Now Open to the Public!

Do you have a topic that you want to share with the world? Whether you’re still a studying or an expert in your field, we want to hear from you! Head on over to our Speaker Application page for details.

TEDxUniSA Team Registrations are Closed.

TEDxUniSA 2021 ‘Reflexivity’ has successfully completed on Saturday 27 March 2021!!

Our talks will be featured online very soon, in the mean time, access your photos here!

Speakers 2021

Explore our list of incredible speakers and performers who are going to share the ideas of ‘Reflexivity’ in TEDxUniSA 2021.

Sponsors 2021

Be part of the TEDx community by associating your brand with a global network of 700,000+ thinkers and doers. 

Event Information

TEDxUniSA 2021 event is going to operate at Allan Scott Auditorium, City West campus, UniSA.


Our host institution, and University of the various committee members, The University of South Australia perfectly represents the TEDxUniSA theme of Emergence. The youngest South Australian university is also the largest and most developing. UniSA proudly celebrates academic and scientific breakthroughs, as well as supporting the Arts throughout the state.


Presenting our sponsors for TEDxUniSA 2021.

As sponsors of TEDXUniSA 2021, these brands join us in our shared mission of spreading ideas that can change the world and distinguish your brand as one of for whom  finding innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems matters.


“A great day with ideas from people with different experiences. It breaks that status quo we tend to hang around!”

– TEDxUniSA 2019 Attendee

“It was truly a wonderful experience, I enjoyed every moment and feel blessed to have been a part of it.”

– Rebecca Marrone, TEDxUniSA 2019 Speaker

“An amazing day with incredible speakers and a brilliant team.”

Sonal Patel, TEDxUniSA 2019 Volunteer

“I loved the engagement and interest between the speakers and audience, and learning something new.”

TEDxUniSA 2019 Attendee

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