We’ve scoured the state and country to bring the best, most innovative speakers and topics to TEDxUniSA Emergence. These speakers will make up our 2019 program, and we’re super excited to have them on board!

All of speakers have gone through a rigorous application process. Successful applicants have been invited to an Open Mic Night, where they have been judged by the TEDxUniSA panel on their presentation skills, style, and their topic applicability to the theme. Explore our list of incredible speakers and performers who have performed in previous events. You can view all previous TEDx talks here.

Angela Bee Chan

Area: Workplace / Career

Angela Bee Chan is passionate about activating innovation amongst all individuals and bringing people together to create meaningful change. Angela is the Head of Innovation and Growth at Schneider Electric Pacific and the Founder and CEO of Hackathons. Some call her “Australia’s Innovation Hacker”.

Hacking Hackathons: how everyone can contribute to innovation

Prof. Jessica Vanderlelie

Area: Education

Professor Vanderlelie is the inaugural Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Success at La Trobe University leading the university to develop and implement a sustainable, and integrated strategy to improve the La Trobe student experience and graduate outcomes. Jessica is an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow and has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Australian Award for Excellence in Teaching and the AFR Emerging Leader Award in recognition of her transformative leadership.

How to support university students reaching their full potential? 

Joseph O’Leary

Area: Inspiration / Adversity

Joseph O’Leary is a final year PhD student from the University of South Australia, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences. Joseph’s PhD research has focused on improving the mechanics associated with near-Earth objects and solar system bodies in the post-Newtonian approximation to the general theory of relativity.

Our looming inter-generational, space-based traffic jam

Pratishtha Purohit

Area: Inspiration / Adversity

India born, NZ-based Pratishtha works as a success coach and finds innovative ways to empower her clients to unleash their true potential and aims to connect them with their inner selves. She is a head injury survivor and knows what it means to hit rock bottom. Pratishtha is known to have a vibrant and colourful energy, and her dependency on hearing aids doesn’t deter her from being a great listener.

Unleash your sixth sense

Rebecca Marrone

Area: Psychology

Rebecca Marrone is a final year PhD Candidate in the School of Engineering at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on minimising gender differences in Mathematics.

How can we harness and unleash our STEM superpowers? 

Rebekah Smith

Area: Mental Health / Health

Rebekah Smith is a fitness leader, physiotherapist and psychology educator. Her work centres around teaching cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills, including mindfulness, compassion and creativity. She is a Master Instructor for SAHMRI’s Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, a Reebok-sponsored presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific, and an independent consultant for Smith & Wellness.

What if mental health is just a starting point for mental fitness?

Richard Mathews

Area: Security / Technology Signature

Richard is no stranger to wicked problems. He has worked in diverse fields including the military, governance and academia. His adaptive leadership style brings diverse, dissenting views together on problems that have no well-defined solutions. His talk presents an innovative technical tool for content moderation in a growing social world.

How safe is the internet? 

Sam Corfitsen

Area: Gender

Sam Corfitsen is a voice for LGBT+ rights, mental health and human connection. He is a storyteller who relates to people across all walks of life through the physical, emotional, spiritual and social challenges he has faced. Now Sam travels the world sharing his message on stages and YouTube.

I am not the girl everyone thinks I am: how social media can save a life

Sonya Ryan

Area: Cyber Security (Law)

For the past five years, Sonya Ryan has dedicated herself to the promotion of internet safety through the Carly Ryan Foundation, established in memory of her daughter Carly. Sonya is continuing her campaign to have online safety made a compulsory component of the national education curriculum. Through the Carly Ryan Foundation, Sonya also provides counselling for victims of internet crime and provides police with information to help prevent crimes against children.

Have you met your true self?

Dr. Zachary Anesbury

Area: Marketing

Zachary Anesbury is the Inaugural Gerald Goodhardt Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia. His research focuses on expanding the generalisable knowledge of consumer brand buying behaviour. He is currently extending that knowledge to how consumers buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Using marketing to be everything that is right with the world

Professor Tarl Prow

Area: Medicine / Health

Professor Tarl Prow is a leading figure in the field of microbiopsy technologies for microsampling of skin tissue. He now focuses on translational outcomes from his micro-medical device development team as a Research Professor in the Biomaterials Engineering and Nanomedicine Strand within the Future Industries Institute at The University of South Australia.

Tiny medicine, big impact